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Signup as photographer, get great prizes

When you sign up as photographer at  you can get great prizes!

How does it work?
1) Sign up as photographer 
2) Publish photos within a campaign period
3) Save bonus points
4) Claim your prize (as long as stock lasts)
     At > My Account > My bonus points

Campaign rules and regulations.

NOTE: O-Line-Photos retains the right to update, change or modify
the rules and regulations of it's campaigns without prior notice.

1. Definitions.
Publish(ing). publishing (photos in this case) means placing photos publicly on the O-Line-Photos website so that all visitors of the website can see and purchase said photos. Publishing entails, uploading, categorising and submitting photos so that they can be displayed publicly.
Bonus points. Bonus points are points that a photographer can save by publishing the required amount of photos within a specified period of time.

Campaign period. A campaign period is a period within which a photographer can save bonus points according to the bonus points saving rules. The lenght of campaign periods may vary. The lenght of campaign periods is determined by O-Line-Photos.

2. Bonus points saving rules.

Awarding bonus points. For each 50 photos published within a given campaign period, one bonus point is awarded to the photographer for that campaign period.

Bonus points validity period. All photos that are published within a campaign period and all bonus points that are awarded within that campaign p00   ,^q #=er: Accept-Language: en-us UAampaign period and all bonus points that were awarded in that campaign period lose their validity for claiming prizes. At the beginning of a new campaign period the count of published photos and the awarding of bonus point start over.








Note: above images not neceserily actual prizes

3. Prizes (claiming).
Prizes value. The value of prizes within campaigns may vary form 1 bonus point to 5 bonus points. A photograper can choose to claim a 1 bonus point prize as soon as he/she has been awarded 1 bonus point. However, the photographer may also choose to wait and continue saving for prizes of a higher bonus point value.

Prizes inventory.  A list of the prizes that are available during a campaign period and the quantity of these prizes that are in stock can be viewed in your personal space (My account) on the O-Line-Photos website. Open the  "My account" page and proceed to the "My bonuspoints" option. On the "Mybonuspoints" page you can see the available prizes. 
Prizes claiming - stock -. Prizes can be claimed so long as the stock lasts. When prizes are out of stock, said prizes can not be claimed. Any claim to out of stock prizes will not be accepted.

Prizes claiming - frequency -. A photographer may claim only one prize per running campaign period. Once a photographer claims a prize within a running campaign period, he/she is not allowed to claim any other prizes within that campaign period. He/she must wait until there is a new campaign period to claim prizes again.

Prizes claiming - shipping -. It is the responsibility of the photographer to provide the correct adres to ship the claimed prize to. Prizes that are shipped to a wrong adres can not be recovered. Prizes will be shipped free of charge for postage and handeling (by regular non special shipment).

Campaign periods 2010:
1]  january 1st 2011 until march 31st 2011
2]  april 1st 2011 until june 30th 2011
3]  july 1st 2011 until september 30th 2011
4]  october 1st 2011 until december 31st 2011


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