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Support Charity
O-Line believes in contributing to the world community. However small this contribution is, it can make a difference. Therefore O-Line-Photos donates 5% (2% photo-owner + 3% O-Line-Photos) of all sales profit to one of three charitable organizations.

How does it work?
1. Each photographer affiliated with O-Line-Photos agrees upon registration to donate 2% of their   
    earnings to one of three charities.
2. O-Line-Photos agrees to add 3% of it's earnings to the donation of the photographer making the 
    total donation 5% of earnings
3. Once a year at the end of the year O-Line-Photos deposits the donations into respective 
    accouts of the three charities.

Which organizations are we supporting now?
At the moment O-Line-Photos is supporting the three organizations listed below. For more information regarding these organizations, please click on their respective logos.

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