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Any photo in the database of can be sent as an e-card to whomever you want.

How does it work?

  • Browse for photos by category, photographers or search for photos by keywords. (see help browsing photos)
  • Find and select the photo you wish to send as an
  • Find and click on the  icon under the photo to access the e-card creation interface.
    (see e-card creation interface below)

  • Fill in the requiered data, compose your message, preview your e-card and finally select "send the

Your e-card will be sent compleatly FREE! Send as many e-cards as you want!

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and start downloading your hard to
come by, natural "real life photos"!
For as low as 1 credit per photo!
- Less poses, more natural behaviours
- Less studio shots, more natural environments
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And for each purchase you make O-Line-Photos
will support one of three charities:

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Amnesty International
Oxfam Novib

Campaign periods 2009:

1]  january 1st 2009 until march 31st 2009
2]  april 1st 2009 until june 30th 2009
3]  july 1st 2009 until september 30th 2009
4]  october 1st 2009 until december 31st 2009

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